Larry Carlton

Larry Carlton is an American jazz guitarist, dividing his recording time bet­ween solo­ re­cordings and sessio­n appearances with more popular bands. He has divided his recording time between solo recordings and session appearances with various well-known bands. Over his ca­reer, Larry Carlton has won 4 Grammys for his performances and compositions as well as 19 nominations!
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TrioCD_Cover-copyLarry Carlton Trio – The Paris Concert CD and DVD

Playing in a Trio formation has always been a musical moment of truth for most pop, jazz, blues, and rock musicians, for Larry it is an opportunity to showcase his ssophisticated groove, joy, and grace!

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lc-tsop1Larry Carlton – The Sound of Philadelphia CD

Larry Carlton and his legendary guitar skills ,backed by some fellow amazing musicians, bring these timeless classics back to life with a new twist that will make this unique record a must have.

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Larry Carlton – Greatest Hits CD   carltonlarry2

“My decision to re-record my greatest hits came from a place of gratitude – for my career and to my loyal fans. I’ve grown so much as an artist I thought it would be really fun to breath new life and spirit into these, now classic songs. My hope is that you enjoy these new recordings as much as you did the first time you heard them. It’s been a total pleasure for me.” – Larry Carlton

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4Hands_Cover Larry Carlton- Four Hands and A Heart Volume One

This record is something special to Larry’s heart. He took these previously recorded solo albums, “”Larry Carlton””, “”Strikes Twice””, and Sleepwalk”” and picked tracks from them that really meant a great deal to him.He then recorded new acoustic/electric guitar versions of these songs and called it “”Four Hands & A Heart Volume One

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Then&Now_CoverLarry Carlton- Then and Now

This is a once in a lifetime project! Larry Carlton has taken 21 tracks from albums he has previously recorded (Larry Carlton 1978, Sleepwalk 1982, and Strikes Twice 1980) and re-releasing them along with 14 NEW versions of original songs which features Larry recording electric and acoustic guitars to his classic songs and is titled “”Four Hands & a Heart Volume One””.

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fourhandsxmascover_cartmanagerLarry Carlton: Four Hands and A Heart Christmas

Using the same technique and style from the Grammy nominated “”Four Hands & A Heart Volume One”” Larry Carlton creates a unique composition of classic Holiday songs that will put you in the Christmas spirit.

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